Cherkizovo to build large feed mill in Russia

26-01-2015 | |
Cherkizovo to build large feed mill in Russia
Cherkizovo to build large feed mill in Russia

Cherkizovo will continue to implement its investment project in the Voronezh Oblast region of Russia, the region already has large storage facilities for grain, and facilities for the production of compound feed.

Cherkizovo plans to build seven feedlots in Voronezh Oblast, with a total capacity of more than 35.000 tonnes of marketable pork per year in order to expand pork production. Implementation of the project will enable Cherkizovo to triple pork output at regional facilities to more than 50.000 tonnes live weight per year.

At the same time in order to meet the demand of all pork population in feed production Cherkizovo is building a feed mill with the capacity of 375.000 tonnes per year in the Semiluksky District. Commissioning of the new feed mill will cover the increasing feed requirements of the Group’s facilities, say the representatives of the company.

Cherkizovo has already invested nearly US$ 300 million in the Voronezh Oblast region. In 2013 Cherkizovo produced 14.000 tonnes of pork, 95.000 tonnes of poultry and harvested nearly 103.000 tonnes of crops on 27.000 ha in the region.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Russian correspondent