Consumers still confident to buy pet food

30-05-2007 | |
Consumers still confident to buy pet food

After three rounds of public opinion surveys conducted by the Pet Food Institute it was shown that 73% of consumers are “confident or very confident” in the safety of their pet food.

In all three surveys PFI asked participants how
confident they are that the pet food purchased is safe to feed to their pet?
Secondly, consumers were asked whether they (as a result of the recent pet food
recalls in the news) are more or less likely to continue purchasing their
primary brand of pet food in the future.


Results also show that nearly an identical percentage say
they are staying with their preferred brand of pet food. “Continued, strong
confidence in pet food products is a testament to the fact that Americans’ cats
and dogs are living longer, healthier lives due in large part to the carefully
formulated, safe and nutritious pet foods on the market,” said Duane Ekedahl,
president of the Pet Food Institute.

The Pet Food Institute (PFI)
represents the makers of 98% of the pet food sold in the United States.

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