Dinnissen brings Pegasus mixer and vacuum coater to Asia

31-01-2012 | |

A single mixer that can produce a wide range of animal feed, pet food and aquafeed quickly, homogenously and energy efficiently and supply them entirely according to the wishes of the individual customer.

That calls for a mixer which offers convenience, flexibility and versatility. The Pegasus Mixer has been specially developed and modernized by the Netherlands-based company Dinnissen Process Technology to meet this need.
In recent years, Dinnissen has replaced traditional mixers with the new, much more efficient Pegasus Mixer all over Europe.
This mixer for the animal feed, pet food and aquafeed industry is now also available for the Asian market and will be at display at Victam Asia in Bangkok from 15-17 February.
Vacuum coating
Dinnissen is now also launching its modernized Pegasus Mixer with vacuum function onto the Asian market, especially in order to add important functional values to animal feed, pet food and aquafeed.
In the Vacuum Coater, each pellet can be sprayed with exactly the right quantity of powder or fluid, which is then absorbed deep into the pellet.
 This phase in the production process is specially designed to homogeneously add even higher percentages or, at the other end of the scale, extremely small quantities.
The compact dimensions of the machines make the mixer quick and easy to clean, making hygienically switching to a new recipe child’s play. This remains true even if the production capacity varies greatly per recipe.
For cases in which any risk of contamination with salmonella or harmful micro-organisms must be avoided, Dinnissen offers a range of hygienic custom options for the Vacuum Coater, such as hot air treatment and CIP cleaning.

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