EFSA to collaborate on Salmonella in pigs

01-05-2007 | |

EFSA has been asked by the European Commission to quantitatively assess the public health risks of Salmonella in pigs. Do to so, EFSA will collaborate with European institutes to take advantage of the substantial pool of European expertise in this field and to ensure a balanced European perspective on the issue.

This work will support risk managers in taking further measures to tackle
Salmonella, which infects hundreds of thousands of people each year in the EU
mainly due to contaminated food including pig meat.


The core outsourced work will consist of a Quantitative
Microbiological Risk Assessment (QMRA), which should provide a quantitative
estimate of the existing risk factors and likely effects of proposed measures to
reduce them. Analyses will include an assessment of the sources of infection for
slaughter pigs at farm level; the impact of slaughter processes on contamination
of pig carcasses; and the expected effect of reducing Salmonella in slaughter
pigs on Salmonella prevalence in pig meat and Salmonella food poisoning cases in

EFSA has launched a
call for applications
from consortia of organisations on this list with a
deadline of 11 June 2007. Applications will be assessed by EFSA and the
successful consortium will receive a grant from EFSA suitable for the nature of
the task.

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