FAO addresses importance of feed safety

02-05-2016 | |
FAO addresses importance of feed safety
FAO addresses importance of feed safety

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has published a video on the importance of feed safety.

FAO stresses the need for feed safety as the expected 60% increase in global demand for animal products will require a doubling of the production of feed, putting pressure on the availability of feed resources.

In the video, numerous FAO stakeholders stress the vital importance of feed safety, including the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF). Feed safety is mentioned as a prerequisite for safe food and human health as well as a part of economic sustainability for the livestock sector. FAO is launching a multi-stakeholder partnership to strengthen the capacities of relevant stakeholders to produce and supply safe animal feed and to contribute to enhanced food safety, animal health and welfare and food security. All stakeholders interested in contributing with financial or in kind (e.g. expertise) resources can join the partnership.

FAO’s initiative and the statements in the video are in line with the FEFAC Vision on Feed Safety Management, where capacity building is highlighted as one of the key actions for the feed chain to manage feed safety risks collectively.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor