FEFAC conference on role of animal nutrition

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FEFAC conference on role of animal nutrition
FEFAC conference on role of animal nutrition

FEFAC, the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation, and FEFANA, the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients, will hold an invitational joint high-level stakeholder EU Conference on “Innovation in Animal Nutrition”, in Brussels on 9 June 2016.

The two European feed industry organisations will present the vision of a modern industry where central roles are played by innovation and public-private partnerships, which are key to shaping a smart, resource efficient Europe oriented to meet the EU Commission objectives on jobs, growth and investment.

Event will highlight the role of the feed sector

The joint event aims to illustrate the role of animal nutrition as an integral part of sustainable food consumption. In addition, the event will highlight the role of the feed sector as an important driver for competitiveness of the EU livestock farming sector. Both FEFAC and FEFANA members are convinced that animal nutrition is part of the solution for the EU livestock sector to address societal challenges, such as climate change and antimicrobial resistance, while it must meet consumer demands in terms of food safety and quality.

Overcoming bottlenecks in the current EU feed regulatory system

The programme will feature key speakers from the European Commission, the feed and livestock sectors and the academic world. The presentation and discussion of practical examples will also deliver a vision on how to boost the placing on the EU market of innovative feed products overcoming key bottlenecks in the current EU feed regulatory system.

Animal nutrition is the engine of continuous improvement

FEFANA President Marco Bruni and FEFAC President Ruud Tijssens agree that: “Together with breeding, animal nutrition has been the engine of continuous improvement within the EU livestock sector for decades. Better animal nutrition not only leads to better animal performance, welfare and health. Indeed, enhanced knowledge about specialty feed ingredients and compound feed and their respective interaction and application in precision feeding and farming offers economic benefits to farmers as well as great potential to mitigate the environmental impacts of livestock production. The feed sector seeks opportunities to move innovative products and technologies faster to the market. We look forward to a fruitful dialogue with EU decision makers and other important stakeholders during our first joint event”.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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