FMS introduces feed budgets for Pennet Mill Manager

19-11-2013 | |
FMS introduces feed budgets for Pennet Mill Manager
FMS introduces feed budgets for Pennet Mill Manager

Feed Management Systems, a supplier of software solutions and services for the animal feed and nutrition industry have announced the introduction of a knowledge-based tool that enables feed manufacturers to design and deliver precise diets that optimise an animal group’s performance through every growth stage. This is likely a first for the animal feed industry.

Pennent Mill Manager Feed Budgets replaces what was largely guesswork with a comprehensive, automated, intelligent software solution that delivers the right feed to the right animal at the right time.  With this new addition to the growing Pennent family of feed optimisation solutions, mill managers now have even greater control over their manufacturing process, costs, ingredients,  and  ability to reduce mistakes often associated with stage feeding requirements. Tighter control of the feed manufacturing process is increasingly important as the global industry faces rising ingredient costs, expanding regulatory requirements and consumer food safety concerns.

Pennent Mill Manager Feed Budgets essentially delivers control of a very complex and dynamic animal feeding process directly to the feed manufacturer.  It automates the tedious process of managing feed budgets, formulation modifications for each animal stage, nutrient measures and the inclusion of medications and additives. In addition, this process can be customised for each animal group at every growth stage—enabling producers to accurately monitor and manage vast groups of animals and their changing diets through every stage of their development.

Pennent Mill Manager Feed Budgets offers manufacturers a range of benefits that improve efficiency, enhance safety and manage the dynamic manufacturing process associated with stage feeding:

Enhanced Safety and Performance:

  • Reduces risk of manufacturing and feeding mistakes
  • Improves likelihood of achieving optimal animal performance

More Efficient Manufacturing Process:

  • Reduces manual data entry
  • Automates feed budget management
  • Integrates with animal management programs
  • Modifies formulations for each animal growth stage
  • Records activities by animal group
  • Manages feed textures
  • Alerts users of critical events

Pennent Mill Manager Feed Budget is available worldwide.  For more information on how FMS can help optimise feed manufacturing operations, visit: www.feedsys.com.

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