GMP+ adds 8 more feed ingredients

10-12-2018 | |
Photo: GMP+
Photo: GMP+

GMP+ has approved live insect larvae, hemp fibre, grass fibre and 8 more new feed materials to be used by GMP+ companies.

Within the scope of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, feed materials must be subjected to a safety assessment by means of a risk analysis, in accordance with the HACCP principles.

Feed Support Product List

Based on a desk study carried out by the members of Technical Committee Feed Support Products (TCFSP), 11 approved (new) feed materials are included in the Feed Support Product list. The inclusion of feed materials in the Feed Support Product list (via the approval of its risk assessment) is a requirement of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. Only products included in this list can be used by GMP+ certified companies.

Live insect larvae, hemp fibre and rice bran

The newly added feed ingredients are diverse and are:

  • Linseed, rumen protected (treated with CH2O)
  • 2-fucosyllactose
  • Hemp fibre
  • Cristobalite
  • Palm fatty acid distillate olein fraction(fluid), hardened
  • Maize
  • Grass fibres ensiled
    – Fructooligosaccharides moist from grass
    – Fructooligosaccharides dried from grass
  • Vegetal carbon (charcoal)
  • Rice bran, defatted and pelleted or powder
    – Rice bran oil, crude
  • Insect larvae (live)
  • Magnesium carbonate

In the table here, you’ll find an overview of the (new) approved feed materials and more background information about the changes in the FSP.

Source: GMP+

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