GMP+ has 2012 course program ready

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Over the past year, many quality managers and employees, auditors, nutritionists, operators, drivers, production staff, buyers and traders have followed a GMP+ course.

As last year, there will be plenty of choice regarding GMP+ courses and trainings. Over 30 courses are available in various languages.
A suitable course is available for each type of official in the feed industry. If you can’t find your desired level or would rather have in-company training, GMP+ can provide that as well.
Popular GMP+ courses
A small selection from our well-visited trainings:
QMB workshop
Being certified has certain internal consequences. How can the staff remain involved? Performing internal audits, applying systematic risk analyses and contributing to a continuous process of improvement are some of the items addressed in this training.
Date: 08.02.2012
Language: German
EU-Feed regulations
The law and regulations for the animal feed sector are extensive and complex. In this training, law and regulations for feed and feed materials will be central. An overview will be provided of relevant, up-to-date regulations in the feed sector.
Date: 20.03.2012
Language: Dutch or English
Fundamentals and new developments in feed-compounding technology
This course addresses the knowledge about the feed production industry and how to guarantee product safety and quality.
Date: 07.05.2012
Language: English
Food Safety Management
This e-learning module will address Food Related Hazards, Good Hygienic Practices, HACCP, Hygienic Design, sampling and monitoring, among other topics.
Date: e-learning, all dates are available
Language: English
New GMP+ courses
This training provides insight into the backgrounds of GMP+ and the structure of the scheme.
Date: 11.10.2012
Language: Dutch
Improving business profitability through quality systems
Quality systems an expense? By properly using the quality system, companies can achieve more efficient work methods and the costs of mistakes can be reduced and better controlled.
This workshop provides insight into the possibilities provided by GMP+ for increasing business performance.
Date: 09.10.2012
Language: Dutch
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