Hamex hammer mill delivers 20% higher capacity

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Hamex hammer mill delivers 20% higher capacity
Hamex hammer mill delivers 20% higher capacity

A year and a half ago, Dinnissen Process Technology introduced its newest Hamex hammer mill to the market. Dinnissen had the performance of the hammer mill measured over a period of one year, during which time 25,000 client batches were analysed. Results show that the Hamex hammer mill delivers 20% higher capacity, says the company.

Dinnissen’s newest hammer mill is equipped with a completely new design for housing the screen panels inside the crushing chamber, thereby increasing the screening surface and automatically increasing screening capacity. The same applies to the grinding panels in the hammer mill, the surface of which is also increased thanks to an ingenious design, so that the capacity of the hammer mill is also increased, according to the manufacturer.

20% increase in capacity, power consumption remains the same

The way in which the hammers are fitted into the hammer mill actually increases the contact surface between the hammers and the grinding rotor, an innovation which also increases production capacity. The study carried out by Dinnissen makes it clear that the new Hamex hammer mill has a 20% higher production capacity whereas power consumption has remained the same, “a result which far exceeds the original expectations.”
The new Dinnissen hammer mill operates at a maximum of 1800 RPM. As a result, the installation is much less sensitive to vibrations and malfunctions, according to Dinnissen. “After one year of operation, the new Hamex hammer mill had not suffered from a single malfunction, a result which was again better than expected,” says the company.

Less downtime

The inflow of ingredients has been improved by integrating rock traps and magnets into the design. This innovation prevents damage to the screens from iron particles or hard objects. “In the course of a year, it became clear that the screens had never once suffered any damage, and the lifetime of the screens was extended by a factor of 300%. The new design of the hammers also had a positive impact on hammer wear, as the usable lifetime of the hammers was tripled.”
In the new Hamex hammer mill, the screen chamber holder is also equipped with an extra-wide and automatic screen opening. This creates extra opportunities for carrying out maintenance and replacing screens. “As a result, the periods of downtime for the installation are much less frequent and also shorter.” The automatic screen changer can remove and store the entire screen set within 40 seconds, carried out by the operated from his safe location, the operator room.

More homogeneous end product per batch

Dinnissen also had a study carried out into the quality and homogeneity of the raw materials produced. “The study made it clear that the new Hamex hammer mill not only delivers a more homogeneous end product per batch but that the homogeneousness of the end products remains much more consistent over time.”

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