JBS United announces acquisition of JLM Enterprise

28-04-2014 | |
JBS United announces acquisition of JLM Enterprise
JBS United announces acquisition of JLM Enterprise

JBS United has acquired substantially all of the assets used by JLM Enterprise in the operation of its business in a deal that closed March 31, 2014. Based in Bancroft, Michigan, JLM Enterprise is an industry leader in silage inoculants and feed additives for the dairy industry. Joining the JBS United team will be the entire staff of JLM Enterprise, including John and Mike Nurmikko.

“We are obviously extremely pleased, JLM is a great organisation with innovative products that work and bring value to their customers,” said Kenny Alwine of JBS United. “I’ve known Mike Nurmikko for years, and he and his team will make great additions to JBS United’s Dairy Group,” Alwine added.

“Our Animal Nutrition and Health division has continued to lay the groundwork for an expansion of our dairy business over the past several years, and this acquisition continues that path,” explained Doug Webel, Ph.D., COO of Animal Nutrition and Health. “This acquisition will allow us to not only expand our product offerings and market reach, but also add tremendous talent to our team. We are always looking for unique opportunities to acquire businesses and invest in their continued growth,” Webel added.

“We wouldn’t just sell our company to anyone,” stated Mike Nurmikko, founder of JLM Enterprise. “JBS United was the perfect partner for us, we’ve know them for years, and they are willing to invest in our business to allow it to grow,” Nurmikko continued.

JBS United will continue to offer the Silage Maker and Yeast N More product lines, forage preservatives, bunker covers, oxygen barriers, and silage bags as well as maintain the current office, warehousing, and manufacturing processes of JLM Enterprise in Bancroft, Michigan. Moreover, the breadth and scope of these new products will allow JBS United to offer more complete forage management and feeding solutions for dairy operations. The new, more centralized facility will also allow JBS United to better and more efficiently serve their customers in Northern and Western Michigan as well as in the Michigan “thumb” region.

“While we want to expand, we recognise that JLM has a system in place, products that work, and we don’t plan on changing that,” Webel stated. “Our primary interest is in growing the operation and offering these quality products to our other customers and vice versa.”