Kazakhstan stimulates the production of high quality feed

13-09-2011 | |
Kazakhstan stimulates the production of high quality feed

The agricultural sector in Kazakhstan is being actively developed and according to experts one of the industry’s distinctive features is that in recent years both large and small farms are purchasing primarily high-yield cattle.

Today, virtually every major livestock enterprise has a high yielding cow herd for dairy or beef production, according to local media.

With this in mind, it is imperative to ensure good forage resources for livestock. "It is not enough just to buy cattle, producers need to be able to make enough profit with their animals regardless of whether they produce meat or milk. But without high quality feed this goal would be almost imposible to achieve." according to representatives of the Association of Agricultural Producers of Kazakhstan.

"Currently we have to buy a significant share of high quality feed from abroad. In the long term we plan to attract major investors to build a number of large feed mills in the country that would meet all current quality standards, which could provide sufficient volume of feed production for domestic market demands " says in the official report of the Ministry of Agriculture of the country.There is already such a mill operating in the Zhumabayev district and has an output volume of 140 tons of feed per day.

"Nowadays, in the republic, there is a national project of livestock development in operation. For 8 months of the year, only to the North Kazakhstan region, 520 head of breeding stock are delivered from abroad,. mostly German and Austrian simmentals, and 840 more will arrive in September or October," the statement added

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