Landliebe to launch natural feed concept

25-04-2008 | |
Landliebe to launch natural feed concept

Dairy producer Landliebe (Germany) will be launching a completely new yet wholly traditional cattle feed concept as a major extension of its quality and origin programme during the second half of this year.

From July onwards, all Landliebe’s fresh milk, long-life milk and school milk
will come from cows fed exclusively on locally produced cattle

Landliebe will be the first German dairy brand to introduce such a
concept. The feed, which will come from Germany and its EU neighbours, will be
made from crops that have always traditionally been grown by German

Preparations for the new concept are now well under way. Many of
Landliebe’s dairy farmers in Nordrhein-Westfalen are keenly interested in the
new scheme, as are compound feed manufacturers.

Incentive for
Approximately 450 dairy farmers throughout the federal state are
taking part in the new initiative. They will be paid an allowance to take part
in the scheme. This will provide an incentive and help them to identify with the

The Landliebe milk will be collected separately from regular milk
at the selected farms. It will also be treated and processed separately at the
production facility in Cologne.

Landliebe’s farmers live and work in
rural areas such as the Bergische Land, Sauerland and neighbouring regions. The
grass and other feed they give their cows, such as corn and grain, is all
locally grown.

Only EU-produced materials
The concentrates that
dairy farmers use as feed supplements may only contain inputs that come from
Germany or the European Union. The basic ration for cows (meadow grass, feed
crops, grass and corn-based silage) must also be home-grown.

The other
feed components required by the cow will be produced either in the EU or in
Germany, and will not be imported from overseas.

The specifications
governing the new feed concept have been agreed with the dairy farmers in a
supplementary contract to the milk supply system.

Inspection of the
additional feed purchased and ensuring that it is separately stored will be a
key part of this agreement.

Landliebe is one of the biggest-selling daily
fresh milk brands in Germany. Landliebe stands for healthy enjoyment and for the
highest quality milk with no artificial additives, preservatives or food

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