Legislation and acceptance discussed at insect conference

14-05-2014 | |
Legislation and acceptance discussed at insect conference
Legislation and acceptance discussed at insect conference

The PROteINSECT project team will be present at the ‘Insects to Feed the World’ Conference in Ede, the Netherlands to present its views on safety, quality, sustainability, legislation and consumer acceptance of the use of insects in food and feed. The conference will be held from 14-17 May.

Elaine Fitches (Co-ordinator of PROteINSECT) chairs the first Oral Presentations session on research projects, during which Rhonda Smith (of PROteINSECT) will reveal the results of the PROteINSECT survey on acceptance of use of insects for animal feed and ultimately human food. Adrian Charlton from PROteINSECT opens the second morning of Conference with his presentation on safety and quality, which is followed by Rosie Pryor presenting on the project’s work to promote legislative change.

On Friday, Bart Muys also from PROteINSECT, shares work on generic life cycle assessment of proteins from insects. Waste utilisation, special challenges in Africa (Ghana & Mali) and mass production systems of housefly will also be addressed by PROteINSECT partners.

More information about these presentations, plus other information from the Conference, is available on Twitter using the hashtag #insects2014.  Further information about the PROteINSECT project is available at www.proteinsect.eu.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor