More speakers confirmed for GFIA Future Farming theatre

24-03-2017 | |
More speakers confirmed for GFIA Future Farming theatre. Photo: Proagrica
More speakers confirmed for GFIA Future Farming theatre. Photo: Proagrica

Already many experts have been confirmed to speak about smart farming at the Proagrica Future Farming theatre at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA).

The GFIA will be held from 9-10 May 2017 at the Jaarbeurs Expo Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The event will focus on practical applications and knowledge on Future Farming in horticulture, crops and livestock. The event is organised by Turret Media in cooperation with Proagrica (publisher of All About Feed, Farmers Weekly, Boerderij amongst others).

Proagrica will have its Future Farming Proagrica Theatre, held over 2 days, at the exhibition ground. At this theatre, new ideas, future farming insights will be shared in the fields of dairy, pig and poultry farming, horticulture and arable farming, each having 3 focus topics. The editors of Proagrica brands will moderate the sessions. Each session will have an independent speaker and 2 sponsored speakers. We are proud to confirm some of the speakers to you.

Future Farming Poultry: Feeding, animal management, big data

Poultry breeding has become precision agriculture and a fine art. Sergio Guerra from Aviagen will talk about the use of big data in poultry breeding and how this can be used by the whole production chain and what are the latest insights?
Ron Cramer from Xiant Technologies (XTI) will speak about innovative lighting in poultry barns. XTI has created a highly differentiated approach to agricultural lighting for both poultry and plants. XTI uses light as a primary controller of biological function by targeting specific photoreceptors in a variety of living species.

Future Farming Pigs: Genetics and breeding, gestation and lactation, grow/finishing

Jurgen van Geyte from the Belgium research institute ILVO has done research in the use of big data in pig production systems. ILVO is part of the project IOF2020, a large scale pilot focused on implementation of Internet of things. How does this apply to pigs? Van Geyte will delve more into that.
Dirk Coucke from DLV Mas in Belgium will speak about an innovative pricing/market advisory service/tool for pig farmers who buy their own raw materials and complete feed. A smart way of doing business is smart purchasing of feed.

Future Farming Dairy: Robotic milking, hygiene, young stock

Calves are the basis for a successful dairy farm. More insights have been gained on smart feeding/housing for calves. Expert Siert-Jan Boersema from Jongvee Coach in the Netherlands will present the latest insights on smart ways to get the most out of young stock.

Future Farming Horti: Precision farming, track and trace, robotics

Marc Kreuger, global head of innovation at the company Here, There and Everywhere. This company designs and builds turnkey indoor farming projects, supplies long term technical and growing support and is actively involved in starting up new businesses and supply chain models that include indoor farming solutions. He will update the audience on the latest insights and developments in this field.

Future Farming Arable: More efficient harvesting, control of pests, use of big data

Sjaak Wolfert from Wageningen UR in the Netherlands will give a short overview of smart farming in agriculture / outdoor cropping systems and how big data is used to boost efficiency and production.
Jérémie Wainstain, CEO of The Green Data will speak about how to extract value from your data. The Green Data Factory is a suite of services dedicated to agridata analysis to give you the power to optimise performance and adoption by your experts.

Want to pitch your idea/product/concept? Companies can still be part of this exciting and innovative theatre for one slot or as sponsor of the whole theatre (including slots for presentations)! Do you want to share your knowledge and practical insights in a 20 minute practical talk and share this directly with the farmers and international experts in the audience? For more information, please contact our dedicated team of account managers to tell you more about the possibilities.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor