Ships come and go 
supplying cattle feedstuffs

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Ships come and go ( supplying cattle feedstuffs
Ships come and go ( supplying cattle feedstuffs

By Jos Westerhof, ForFarmers

This feed mill produces 
compound feed for cattle, with an annual capacity of 250,000 tonnes. The feeds are delivered to farmers in the east and north of the Netherlands. The plant is located close to a main river connected by a canal. This way, 95% of the raw materials are delivered to the plant by ship. The compound feed is 
distributed to the farmers by trucks.

ForFarmers Hendrix is part of the ForFarmers Group, a modern 
company that mainly operates at their 40 plants, in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Great Britain. Its core activity is production and sales of feed and commodities. ForFarmers owns several feed 
companies including Hendrix-UTD, BOCM Pauls, FarmFeed and other holdings. ForFarmers has a total workforce of over 2,300 employees.

The consolidated turnover amounts to €6.6 billion; it sells circa 8.8 
million tonnes of feed, of which 6.5 million tonnes is compound feed. The business operations of ForFarmers are built on the core values of 
ambition, profitability and 
sustainability. AAF

[Photo by: Laurent Bellec / www.art-feedmanufacture.com]


[Source: AllAboutFeed magazine, Vol 21 nr 2, 2013]

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