Skretting wants to grow its fish meal free concept

14-04-2017 | |
Skretting wants to grow its fish meal free concept. Photo: Shutterstock
Skretting wants to grow its fish meal free concept. Photo: Shutterstock

After a successful transition to fish meal free diets for salmon, Skretting, the fish feed division of Nutreco , want to roll out this concept to other farmed fish species.

This is stated in the company’s sustainability report over 2016.

Skretting launched MicroBalance FLX (a new feed formulation technology) in 2016, which helped making salmon diets free of fish meal. The new fish meal salmon feed was launched in Chile (2016) and in 2016 alone, Skretting dispatched significant volumes of FLX-based feeds formulated without fishmeal, equating to the diet of more than 7 million salmonid.

“Making a constrained resource like fish meal interchangeable, just like any other raw material, is crucial progress. However, FLX does not bring an end to Skretting ARC’s MicroBalance research. Quite the contrary, it is providing the platform to explore more alternative and novel raw materials for application with many more commercially farmed species with a view to progress the sustainable growth of the global aquaculture sector further,” says Ronald Barlow, Skretting Chile’s General Manager.

The continuing dependency on fish meal and fish oil ingredients in feed could be the limiting link in allowing aquaculture production to increase by 70% in the next 35-years to satisfy surging demands as is estimated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor