Vitamin B3 importance in sows

28-02-2007 | |

A lack of vitamin B3 is probably the cause for bone problems, difficulties in walking and milk production in sows, according to recent research by Dutch feed company ForFarmers.

Lack of this vitamin results in a disrupted calcium balance, which
subsequently results in severe problems. A bad synthesis of the vitamin by the
sow itself could be one cause of a lack. In addition, the animal diet could also
contain too little of the vitamin. According to EU regulation, pig diets contain
the lowest maximum levels of vitamin B3 compared to other animals. The sow can
also have disrupted levels of the hormone Calcitonin
This hormone determines the calcium level in the
blood. Both a low and a high calcium level in the blood can be risky for the

According to the research, the sows that had problems with their
joints and milk production, the calcium levels in the blood and urine were
clearly higher than sows that did not show these problems. High calcium levels
may also result in epileptic symptoms and calcifying of tissue and arteries.

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