AB Vista announces Inspire Forum Agenda

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AB Vista announces Inspire Forum Agenda
AB Vista announces Inspire Forum Agenda

The full agenda has now been publicly released for the upcoming Inspire: International Non-Starch Polysaccharide (NSP) Forum, due to take place between 31st March and 2nd April 2014, in Pitlochry, Scotland.

The invitation-only Forum will begin with presentations and discussion on the physical structure of plant cell walls, the role NSPs play within this and the latest thinking in terms of defining, measuring and evaluating the various NSP fractions present. These topics will be developed further during the second day, which will be dedicated to the impact plant fibres, and NSPs in particular, have on the nutrition of commercially produced poultry and swine.

The Forum will close by examining feed enzyme solutions that address the factors affecting animal performance. Topics include the history of NSP enzyme use and development, the importance and implications of enzyme characteristics, and the various aspects of optimising NSP enzyme use.

Speakers across the three days of the Forum will include academics from the Max Planck Institute, Aarhus University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Auburn University and Iowa State University.

Professor Hank Classen from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a member of the Inspire scientific committee, stated: “Enzyme characteristics and optimising NSP enzyme use, in particular, are topics currently subject to considerable on-going debate, and the Inspire Forum 2014 will create an opportunity for the collective scientific expertise present to genuinely raise the standards of information provision surrounding NSP enzymes.

“By clarifying NSP misunderstandings, highlighting the mechanisms by which NSP enzymes act and examining the reasons behind product performance, Inspire Forum 2014 will undoubtedly help define those potential directions for future development most relevant to the needs of the marketplace.”

Inspire Forum 2014 is an invitation-only event sponsored by AB Vista that will bring together over 70 leading academic and industry experts to improve understanding of NSP substrates, their impact on animal performance and how to optimise NSP enzyme use.


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