Better growth with intensive calf feeding

13-05-2014 | |
Better growth with intensive calf feeding

In calf rearing, the growth potential of the calf should be used to its optimum. But how much milk replacer is necessary to achieve this goal?

A study was conducted with 65 Holstein-Frisian calves at the research centre of ‘Haus Riswick’ in Germany. The milk replacer BEWI-MILK AM 9 of the company BEWITAL agri with a high content of skim milk powder was used in the trial group for feeding. The control group was supplied with 125 g milk replacer/litre, the trial group with 160 g. The intake of milk replacer per calf in the test group was 45 kg and in the control group 30 kg.

Higher weight gains

The higher supply with milk replacer up to the 5th week of life led to almost 50 g higher daily weight gains in the trial group. In the later feeding period the daily weight gains were almost the same. Despite same nutrient intake after weaning the calves with higher supply of milk replacer (BEWI-MILK AM 9) showed a much better growth. The trial group, which was supplied with BEWI-MILK AM 9, not only maintained the development advantage by the use of the higher supply of milk replacer but also extended this development advantage after the milk period. First results about the effect on the milk yield of dairy cows will be expected in near future.

About BEWITAL agri

BEWITAL agri GmbH & CO. KG, founded in 1963, is known as a specialist in the field of milk and fat. The feed manufacturer produces milk replacers, health products, as well as high energy concentrates and fat powders for animal nutrition. The product range includes both products for direct use on animals as well as special components for the feed industry.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor