Competition to find best in-feed maggot preservation

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Competition to find best in-feed maggot preservation
Competition to find best in-feed maggot preservation

The EU funded project PROteINSECT is launching a competition to develop a low or zero energy preservation method for fresh (live) maggots.

Maggot preservation, from harvest to incorporation into livestock feed is still a major challenge. In several countries, drying is the most common option, with facilities ranging from simple sheet metal lying in the sun, to gas heated ovens. The goal of the competition is to design a functioning method that is applicable at defined environmental conditions (25°C, 1013 mBar at 70% humidity).

An in-feed maggot preservation method with no manual labour

Any methodology is acceptable provided it can be implemented on a commercial scale, and is based on proven technologies. Drying is one of several options. A central aspect in this competition is the environmental impact of the preservation process. Therefore, it is of high importance to design a methodology that is low in energy input. Economic viability is also an important factor; therefore manual labour input should be avoided or minimised.

How to enter in-feed maggot competition

Any participant must be a Student (University, Technical College, Undergraduate or Postgraduate) who is enrolled during the academic year 2014/2015 at an institution inside the EU or a PROteINSECT Partner Country (China, Mali, and Ghana). The submission must be sent no later than July 31, 2015. On November 1st, the winner will be announced.

To Download the Terms and Conditions as well as the registration form click here.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor