Different soybean meal samples compared

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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

US animal nutrition scientists have carried out a comparative research to document variations in soybean meal sources from various places around the globe

The article on Pig Progress states that the research, led by Prof Hans H. Stein and Vanessa Lagos at the University of Illinois’ Monogastric Nutrition Laboratory looked at soybean meal from the United States, Brazil, Argentina, India and China. They then conducted an experiment to determine if standardised ileal digestibility (SID) of crude protein and amino acids varied among these sources.

In a public presentation, the scientists wrote: “Soybean meal is the premier source of high quality plant protein for pig diets. However, the nutritional value of soybean meal can vary among sources due to genetic differences in soybean varieties or differences in climate, soil type, fertiliser application, or processing conditions.”

The scientists noted that concentration of crude protein was greatest in soybean meal sourced from Brazil and India, and least in soybean meal from China. The mean of all indispensable amino acids was greatest in soybean meal from Brazil, the US, and India, and least in soybean meal from China.

The full article can be read on Pig Progress.

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Vincent ter Beek Editor: Pig Progress

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