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Photo: Studio Kastermans
Photo: Studio Kastermans

All About Feed is publishing a special magazine on the topic of Feed Safety. This issue will dive into the different aspects of safe feed. There is still time so don’t miss this opportunity and reserve your space now.

Feed safety is a prior condition for safe food and human health as well as for animal health and welfare. The challenge for upcoming years is not only to meet the growing demand for food and feed but also ensuring its safety.

About the special

This special will be published in April and will discuss all the different aspects surrounding safe feed, for example, how to prevent contamination of products during handling, storage and transportation of feed. The issue will be sent with the #2 regular issue of All About Feed and additionally it will be distributed at the Global Feed Safety Summit 2022 in Berlin where event keynote speakers will share their thoughts on the future of feed safety in a dynamic environment.

Topics will include:

  • Prevent and control hazards
  • Feed certification
  • Safety of new feed ingredients
  • Production of antibiotic-free feed

Print, digital and online possibilities

The special will be featured with the #2 regular issue of All About Feed (print). All the articles will be published online and highlighted in special e-newsletters.

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