Furst-McNess new distributor for fenugreek extract

07-01-2015 | |
Furst-McNess new distributor for fenugreek extract
Furst-McNess new distributor for fenugreek extract

Emerald Seed Products has announced that Furst-McNess Company, head-quartered in Freeport, IL (USA) has become the exclusive distributor of their fenugreek extract as of January 1, 2015.

Furst-McNess has already incorporated Nutrifen into its current core technologies, such as Nature’s fuel, and will look to incorporate it into additional products in the future. Furst McNess has exclusivity in USA, Mexico and South America for all species of livestock.

Nutrifen is an all-natural fenugreek extract used to improve feed efficiency, lower ammonia and improve lactation. It is primarily used in poultry, swine, dairy and beef cattle rations. Produced as a non-GMO additive and manufactured using no chemicals or synthetics it is currently being sold in Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA.

About the companies

Furst-McNess has been synonymous with value and quality products for the rural community since 1908.  With offices located throughout the US and Canada, the Furst-McNess team of professional nutritionists, feeding consultants, and merchandisers are continually searching for ways to bring added value to their customers. Emerald Seed Products manufactures Nutrifen in its manufacturing facility located in Avonlea, Canada.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor