India: Feed shortage cutting milk supply

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India: Feed shortage cutting milk supply
India: Feed shortage cutting milk supply

An irregular supply of cattle feed, by the Goa State Cooperative Milk Producers Union, over the last few months is having an affect on milk production in Pernem taluka’s Ibrampur village, Goa.

Sudhir Dhawaskar, a dairy farmer since 2002 and a director with the Ibrampur-based Sateri Dudh Utpadak Sangh said, “We have not been receiving cattle feed on time for the last six months. But over the last two days things are so bad that our milk cows are actually crying for food.”

Elaborating on the effect of the fodder shortage, he said, “I have 20 cows. I used to supply 150 litres of milk a day. Now I can supply just about 100 litres a day. The irregular supply of cattle feed is affecting milk production.” The Sangh supplies 1,100 litres of milk to Goa Dairy everyday.

Dairy farmers have been reported as saying, the Ponda-based Goa State Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd had provided just half the quantity of the required feed. Eight hundred bags of 50 kg each of high protein food were required however just 400 bags were provided. It was the same for corn, only 150 bags of 25 kg were provided though 300 bags were required.

Navaso Sawant, managing director, Goa State Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd said he is aware of the issue, “We took a decision on January 31 to provide cattle feed to Ibrampur at the earliest so that no paucity is felt. I am aware of the problems faced by the dairy farmers and we are trying our best to cater to the needs of the cattle there.”

During a recent visit to Ibrampur, together with Pernem MLA Rajendra Arlekar, chief minister Manohar Parrikar had told the villagers he would boost milk production and transform the village into a ‘Dudhgram’ (a place where milk production is high)

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