InVivo NSA launches new ruminant product

20-01-2015 | |
InVivo NSA launches new ruminant product
InVivo NSA launches new ruminant product

French company InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health has developed a new global licking bucket range.

The product* comes in the form of a licking bucket. Based on the important need of ruminants to salivate, this solution makes it possible to adjust nutrient intake to the specific needs of each animal and facilitates use for breeders.

Due to the manufacturing process of the product known as “pouring”, the use of heating or pressure is avoided. This industrial approach enables sensitive ingredients to be incorporated into the feed formula (vitamins, plant extracts), without altering their benefits.

According to the French company, this addition to its portfolio will strengthen its position in the ruminant market. The product is available on the European, Middle-East and African market. In 2015, production and marketing will be started also in Central and South America.


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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor