More foodstuff processors join EFFPA

17-05-2017 | |
Photo: Corine Zijerveld
Photo: Corine Zijerveld

The European Former Foodstuffs Processors Association (EFFPA) is growing in number of members.

EFFPA is a non-profit EU trade association, founded in 2014, representing former foodstuff processors producing feed for farm animals.

The latest addition is Bakery Feeds, an American former foodstuffs processor, https://www.bakeryfeeds.com/ who joined EFFPA as an associate member on 1 May 2017. Bakery Feeds has been processing bakery and snack manufacturer residuals since 1984, and operates 10 facilities throughout the USA. In the United States, the former foodstuff industry processes approximately three million tons of material annually. As a part of Darling Ingredients Inc., Bakery Feeds is committed to biosecurity and food safety. All its former foodstuff facilities are Safe Feed/Safe Food certified, and adhere to prevention-based programs such as those defined by the HAACCP food safety model and the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

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For Bakery Feeds, whose sales include international customers, it is of high added value to stay informed about relevant EU regulations applicable to the industry. Bill Reagor, Senior president of Bakery Feeds: “The developments under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act is impacting the way former foodstuff processing is positioned in the food and feed chain in the USA. The challenges and opportunities for our business sector are very similar on both sides of the Atlantic, so there is a clear mutual benefit in our sharing of experiences and knowledge.”

Bakery Feeds is the second company from outside of Europe to join EFFPA as an associate member, following SPB Solutions from Canada joining as a member in April 2016. EFFPA president Paul Featherstone: “It is to the credit of EFFPA that we’ve managed once again to attract a former foodstuff processor of such high professional calibre. I hope that we will continue to achieve membership expansion within Europe in the foreseeable future with keen interest being shown most notably with former foodstuff processors active in Denmark, Austria and the Czech Republic.”

With Bakery Feeds, EFFPA now has 10 members.

Source: EFFPA

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