Nutreco launches new sustainability programme

12-12-2016 | |
Nutreco launches new sustainability programme. Photo: Dreamstime
Nutreco launches new sustainability programme. Photo: Dreamstime

Dutch feed company Nutreco has launched its new sustainability programme Nuterra, which sets out the company’s sustainability strategy and provides tools to implement it throughout the entire organisation.

Building on existing efforts in the animal nutrition and aqua feed businesses of Nutreco, the new programme is more customer-centric and focused on actionable strategies and controls.

The challenge for corporations like Nutreco is to keep it relevant, credible and measurable,” says José Villalon, Nutreco’s Sustainability Director. “That is precisely what we aim for with Nuterra. Sustainability is not just about what we aspire to do, it is what we do.”

The programme is made up of three distinct components:

  1. A roadmap: clear ambitions regarding people, planet and profit and is an aspirational vision designed to steer our actions and initiatives over a period of several years. It is aligned with the long-term goals of Nutreco’s strategy and addresses Nutreco’s commitment to specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  2. An internal standard that outlines more than 100 actions needed to realise the roadmap and enables us to measure and score progress over time regarding our own operations. We are holding ourselves accountable.
  3. A product assessment tool: to measure the environmental impacts and attributes of Nutreco´s nutritional solutions using Life Cycle Assessment methodology.

“We applaud the Nuterra programme, which addresses the relevant environmental and social impacts along the value chain. Animal nutrition is a key factor in the footprint of food production and we are pleased to work with Nuterra as we actively seek to advance sustainable practices,” says Lynda Kuhn, Senior Vice President of Maple Leaf Foods, a major Canadian poultry producer.

Linda Sams, Head of Sustainability at Tassal Group Limited, Australia’s largest farmed salmon producer, adds: “Nuterra sets Skretting apart from other feed producers by giving us confidence that the feeds we buy from them adhere to the same strict environmental and social standards that we do. The focus on all parts of the supply chain, from feed ingredients through to their own operations, enables us to deliver products that meet customer demand for seafood that is produced in a responsible way.”

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor