Preserving the benefits of a good TMR

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Preserving the benefits of a good TMR. Photo: Van Assendelft Fotografie
Preserving the benefits of a good TMR. Photo: Van Assendelft Fotografie

Feeding TMR instead of separate silage and grain has several benefits and is a good choice to increase the milk production or daily growth and thus to increase your earnings.

All around the world the size of dairy and beef cattle farms is increasing to stay competitive on the global market. The farmer has to focus on optimising the resources on the farm such as feed, labour and machinery to produce in the most efficient way.

Total Mixed Rations

As you take a closer look at feed, you see a growing popularity of Total Mixed Rations (TMR) by large farmers. With TMR the farmer is ensured that cows sustain a high dry matter intake with the perfect mix of nutrients in every bite. TMR is a mix that contains everything that cattle needs.

Benefit of organic acids

If you want to preserve the nutritional value of the TMR, you have to add organic acids to the feed. Which organic acids are the most effective is influenced heavily by the raw materials used and their part of the total TMR. An additional benefit of using organic acids in TMR is the increased attractiveness of the TMR for the cows. You can compare it with the dressing on a salad. Organic acids give a fresh taste to the mix, which cows really like.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor