Skretting and EWOS to lead in sustainability list

12-08-2015 | |
Skretting and EWOS to lead in sustainability list
Skretting and EWOS to lead in sustainability list

Salmon producer and fish feed company Skretting and Norwegian fish feed producer EWOS now share the number 1 position in the sustainability ranking list, composed by Seafood Intelligence.

For Skretting this is a step up from last year (when it ranked 2nd). EWOS consolidated its number 1 position from last year. Both companies received the same score in the Sustainability Reporting Benchmark report from Seafood Intelligence: 7.02 points out of 10.

Seafood Intelligence states: “As all aquaculture starts with the feed, so must we conclude that the top 3 fish Feed companies continue to impress us: ‘Very good’ and even ‘excellent’, were again registered. Though there are, and always will be, issues to be addressed. This year, we have the unusual circumstance of both EWOS (last year’s number 1) and Skretting/Nutreco sharing the top of the podium with an exact same score. Having said this, it shouldn’t distract us from the very good score also obtained by BioMar only a slight step behind”.

According to Skrettings sustainability report, the company invests in many pillars of the fish production chain to make it more efficient and sustainable. This ranges from the sourcing of the raw materials, replacing fish meal and fish oil with more sustainable ingredients, making the feed more digestible and efficient and investing in personnel and production facilities worldwide.

EWOS states on its website: “We prioritise the use of feed ingredients that we judge to be sustainable. We expect our suppliers to adopt responsible practices according to “EWOS Code of Conduct for Suppliers” In addition, we continuously improve our responsible sourcing practice through engaging with the suppliers of our feed ingredients”. EWOS’ efforts also include analysing the carbon footprint for its feed products along the supply chain in order to find opportunities to reduce its impact.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor