Vietnam: Cargill wins award for best pig feed

20-10-2014 | |
Vietnam: Cargill wins award for best pig feed
Vietnam: Cargill wins award for best pig feed

Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s (MARD) livestock department presented Cargill with the best pig feed award for 2014 at the Vietnam Livestock Industry Awards 2014.

The award winning pig feed is grounded in science and research, and tailored to the unique needs of Vietnam feed manufacturers, retailers and livestock producers. Cargill has over 20 animal feed technology centres around the world that are continually developing new formulations to help livestock farmers be more productive. These technology centres provide the platform for improved feed formulations to meet animal metabolism and welfare needs, while addressing market trends and business priorities for wholesome pork products.

“We are honoured to be receiving this respected industry award for our work with the Vietnam swine industry. Over our 19 years in Vietnam, we have worked closely with our customers to understand their needs.” said Jorge Becerra, managing director, Cargill Animal Nutrition Vietnam.

Cargill recently completed a US$20 million (€15.69 mln) animal feed mill expansion in Vietnam’s Binh Dinh province. This is one of Cargill’s eight compound feed mills in Vietnam. The facility will enable Cargill to meet the growing demand for high-performing feed for its customers. With this expansion, Cargill has invested more than US$110 million (€86.29 mln) in Vietnam’s livestock and aquaculture industry since 1997.

Cargill was among 14 enterprises acknowledged for excellent achievements in the management and development of livestock, poultry, egg production, feed production, and sales of livestock products in Vietnam.

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