Evonik Partner Profile

For over 50 years, Evonik Animal Nutrition has been supporting the global livestock industry with high-quality products, services and system solutions for sustainable, efficient and healthy animal nutrition. We want to help supply a growing world population with healthy and affordable animal protein. Our solutions are based on our essential amino acids combined with world-leading analytics for feed raw materials and compound feeds. We also offer our customers other feed additives with specific benefits: probiotics for intestinal health to replace antibiotic growth promoters; omega-3 fatty acids from algae oil to replace fish oil; guanidinoacetic acid (GuanAMINO®) to improve energy balance; and rumen-protected D,L-methionine (Mepron®) for dairy cows. Digital solutions such as ScreenFloX® for digital pathogen monitoring of poultry flocks complete our offering for the livestock industry. More about Evonik