Jaclyn Krymowski Freelance journalist

Jaclyn Krymowski is a full-time freelance agriculture, food and animal industries writer, journalist and communication specialist. She hybridizes real-world experience with professionalism to present challenging and thought-provoking topics to a wide variety of consumers, producers and professionals in agribusiness. Her areas of expertise include sustainability, the cattle industries, agtech, reproduction and news. In 2020, Jaclyn founded her company The Herdbook Ag Media where she also works with several agribusinesses to enhance their communication, marketing and media strategies fulfilling a variety of different roles and services. A 2018 graduate of the Ohio State University with a major in animal industries and minor in ag communication, she is a proud member of the AAEA Ag Communicators, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and currently serving on her state's Young Ag Professionals Committee. Jaclyn blogs at the-herdbook.com where she evaluates difficult and current topics through a young agriculturalist's perspective. She can be reached at jaclyn@the-herdbook.com or on any of her The Herdbook’s social media platforms.