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04-04-2018 | Expert opinion

Is farmed fish becoming more expensive?

BLOG: What is in our fish feed and fish?
22-01-2014 | Expert opinion

BLOG: What is in our fish feed and fish?

BLOG: Do you love a challenge?
13-11-2013 | Expert opinion

BLOG: Do you love a challenge?

Are we sure about this?
16-05-2012 | Expert opinion

Are we sure about this?

19-03-2012 | Expert opinion

This means war, sir!

01-12-2011 | Expert opinion

Antibiotics in fish feed

14-07-2011 | Expert opinion

The future of aquaculture

John Mosig Aquafeed

John Mosig was appointed an inaugural member of the Aquaculture Committee of the Fisheries Co-management Council advising government on policy directions and has served on several sector and peak industry bodies. He started designing and delivering training programmes in 1995 and has written 2 books on the subject, both published by CSIRO Publishing. John and long standing colleague Nutritionist Bill Wiadrowski of Natural Balance, foresaw the need for sound technical guidance for investors in the aquaculture industry and formed ASAT (Aquaculture Services Australia Technology). They have advised on projects across the Indo Pacific region, Asia and in the Middle East. They bring to the forum an antipodean view while at the same time maintaining scientific and commercial integrity.

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