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Today’s mill operator is a unique individual who understands both the machinery and the software. Photo: Canva
14-07 | Expert opinion

The robotic feedmill

Your microsystem should be operating: fast but accurate. With supreme confidence.Photo: Canva
18-09-2020 | Expert opinion

Must know facts about feed microsystems

Double shaft peddle mixer. Photo: Misset
18-05-2020 | Expert opinion

Your Mixer is an overlooked problem

Photo: Shutterstock
12-02-2020 | Expert opinion

Feed mill evaluations = results

Photo: Dreamstime
21-10-2019 | Expert opinion

Who set up your software?

Wayne Cooper Feed mill and machinery expert

Wayne Cooper has the proverbial checkered past. Now contracted as a representative for Anderson Feed Technology, he assists in the introduction of European feed mill design and equipment to the US market. Prior to that, he had a 4.5 year contract to supervise production of 1.8 million tons of feed per year for the Cherkizovo Group in Russia. 24 years of feed mill operations and feed department manager positions in the cooperative industry in Iowa had led up to the overseas opportunity. Wayne has experience in: Sales / P/L / Personnel relations / But the passion became making the feed mills perform