1st trials for Kiotechagil at Plumpton college

19-10-2007 | |

Kiotechagil is conducting its first trials at Plumpton College in Sussex. The trials are being undertaken in conjunction with the College’s piggery, a modern teaching facility on the College’s 600 hectare farm, to assess improvement in the feed conversion ratio of pigs.

The trials which will last around eight weeks are using
five pens overall with the pigs in three pens being given the new trial product
with the pigs in the other two pens being the control.  The pigs start the
trial when they reach 25 kilos in weight and finish when they are
50 kilos. The finishing house is straw based, no castration is used and the
stock are kept in stable family groups.

“These are very significant
trials for our company,” added Kiotechagil’s Technical Sales Manager Ian
Cockshott.  “At the end of these trials we will be able to assess the
improvement in the animals’ health and also the value to farmers in terms of
creating overall cost savings.  Facilities like these at Plumpton College
are crucial for us as we develop, assess and bring to market new pioneering

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