2014: All about mycotoxins, insects and antibiotics

30-12-2014 | |
2014: All about mycotoxins, insects and antibiotics

The new year is just around the corner, but let’s briefly look back on which topics were buzzing in the animal feed industry in 2014.

We can certainly say that the whole ‘insects in animal feed’ topic kept the industry busy in the past year. A large international conference on the use of insects in feed and food was held for the first time last year and attracted an overwhelming number of attendees, coming from all over the world. Major discussion point at the conference was how to tweak the current feed legislation, so that insect meal can be allowed to be fed to production animals. Up till now, it is still not allowed in the EU, but maybe in 2015, the changes will be implemented at last and insects can really make their way in pig, poultry and cattle feed. Chinese farmers already show a good example, as this news item was one of the best read last year.

Mycotoxins remain a challenge

The year 2014 also brought more data on the global status of mycotoxins contamination. Many news items on AllAboutFeed were dedicated to the topic and overall it was concluded that mycotoxins are still ruling the quality of the raw materials. This was also reflected in the World Mycotoxin Forum, held last year in Vienna, where AllAboutFeed distributed the successful Managing Mycotoxin magazine. The good news is that more savvy detection and prevention techniques hit the market, so that these toxins can be detected at an earlier stage. Breeding for more tolerant wheat varieties is one of the latest developments. In the beginning of next year, AllAboutFeed will once again publish the Biomin mycotoxin survey, which will give us a more detailed image of the 2014 situation.

Additives and antimicrobials

New this year were the ‘Editor’s View’, bringing a weekly view on the developments in the feed industry. Two of them were in the top 10 most read: the one entitled ‘feed additives with secret benefits’, discussing how traditional feed additives – such as enzymes – can also have more growth or health promoting effects. Also antibiotic reduction remains a hot topic in the international community. Additives that claim to have health promoting effects are therefore often in the news. The butyrate story from Orffa Additives was the best read item of last year. European farmers are already used to skipping preventive antibiotics from feed (although some ancient antimicrobials still popped up in the Netherlands last year), but other parts of the world such as the US and Asia seem to need more time. But the first steps are being taken in the US by banning more and more antimicrobials from the list for food animals. This particular news item also hit the top 10 most read.

EuroTier becomes more international

We also look back on a very successful and international orientated EuroTier in November. The photo report of the biggest agricultural show in Europe generated lots of traffic to AllAboutFeed. At the show, many companies introduced their new products or corporate identity as was the case for Delacon. But it was also an important moment for introducing the new brand Dairy Global, a sister publication of AllAboutFeed. This new brand will focus on the international dairy industry and EuroTier seemed to be the perfect place to let farmers and companies take a look at the new magazine and accompanying brand new website.

AllAboutFeed will be back in the new year, with even more stories on the latest developments in the global animal feed industry. If you don’t want to miss out sign up now. (its free!).

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor