$900,000 grant to study nutrigenomics

23-04-2007 | |
$900,000 grant to study nutrigenomics

The University of Kentucky (UK) received $900,000 from Alltech to study the effects of nutrition on genes in animals, so called nutrigenomics.

Alltech is building a $20 million Center for Animal
Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition at the company’s location in
Jessamine County at which the company and UK will collaborate on advanced
research in nutrigenomics.

Center is scheduled to open in February

Founder and president of Alltech, Pearse
Lyons explained nutrigenomics this way: “Genes are like lights. It’s a
question of finding the nutrients that will turn these genes up or turn them
down.” For example, he said, nutrigenomics would make it possible to know what
it is in the genes of a thoroughbred horse that make it run faster. Once that is
known, the appropriate nutrients can be added to the horse’s feed to “ignite”
the genes that affect a horse’s speed.

UK will use the $900,000 grant for
seminars and to enable faculty and students in the UK College of Agriculture to
do research in Alltech’s new laboratory.

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