ACG Products: 2 new rumen-protected by-pass fat products for high producing dairy cows

06-06-2012 | |

ACG Products Ltd. introduces two new rumen-protected by-pass fat products as highly palatable sources of supplemental energy for high producing dairy cows.

TruPass-84 provides 84% Fat Content and Net Energy for Lactation (NEL) of 5.5 Mcal/kg. (2.5 Mcal/lb.) and is a calcium soap in granulated dry form.  ACG-99 is originated from refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil, and contains a high amount of palmitic acid.  ACG-99 provides 99.5% Fat Content and NEL of 6.2 Mcal/kg. (2.8 Mcal/lb.) and is a pure vegetable fat in prilled dry form.  Each product is an easily digestible rumen-protected by-pass fat in dry form for easy handling and mixing.
According to Alan Lipscomb, President of ACG Products, “With TruPass-84 and ACG-99, feed distributors and feed dealers can now offer their dairy customers two choices in a rumen-protected by-pass fat to meet their needs.  The supplemental energy needs of a high producing dairy cow can change from herd to herd, and within herd groupings.  As energy needs differ, dairy producers and nutritionists can select the right rumen-protected by-pass fat as a source of supplemental energy in either TruPass-84 or ACG-99.  That’s an advantage for the animals, the dairy producer, the nutritionist, and the feed distributor or dealer,” says Lipscomb.
Bill Carinder, Vice President of Sales & Technical Services for ACG Products adds, “High energy dairy cow rations supplemented with the right rumen-protected by-pass fat can help to increase milk production, improve pregnancy rates, reduce incidences of ketosis and fatty liver, reduce the impact of heat and other stresses, and aid in maintaining body condition.  TruPass-84 and ACG-99 can provide the high concentrations of energy and the high NEL numbers that nutritionists are wanting, and high producing dairy cows are needing, along with maximum rumen bypass-ability,” states Carinder.
Packaging of TruPass-84 and ACG-99 is in 55 lb. (25 kg.) poly-lined paper bags; with 1433 lb. (650 kg.) woven tote bags also available.  The recommended feeding rate for each product is 100-to-500 grams per head per day, depending on milk productions goals; or, a typical feeding rate can be .25-to-1.0 lb. per head per day.  Always consult with a nutritionist for the proper feeding rate. 

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