AFIA-president calls for rigorous import standards

08-10-2007 | |
AFIA-president calls for rigorous import standards

AFIA President Joel Newman told representatives of President Bush’s Interagency Working Group on Import Safety that countries exporting to the US should meet the same rigorous feed safety standards as those faced by companies in the US.

Newman expressed support for the Department of Health and Human Services’
efforts to conduct ministerial negotiations aimed at obtaining a memorandum of
agreement between the US and China.
In his remarks Newman strongly recommended
reallocating the primary feed and food security responsibilities to FDA and USDA
as well as providing the
necessary funding.
“This would allow the agencies to perform their duties more efficiently
and successfully. It would further ensure the best possible use of government
expertise, while greatly reducing duplicative government services,” he
Better cooperation
AFIA’s CEO also urged better cooperation among the federal government,
state governments and industry. “Collaboration between government agencies and
concerned industry is essential to addressing the safety situations we are
facing with vastly increasing imports. Working better together and coordinating
our communications are two important keys in addressing these challenges
overall,” he said.
Newman pointed to AFIA’s Safe Feed/Safe Food certification program as a
good example of an industry-developed program that exceeds regulatory
requirements for feed safety. The independent, third-party auditing program
addresses potential safety risks in every production phase in the feed industry
Third party auditing
“Programs like this can greatly
contribute to the safety requirements essential in restoring confidence about
imports and in assisting government with its obligation before the consuming
public,” Newman offered.
He called for the review and official recognition of validated industry
certification programs, like SF/SF, and suggested that an executive order should
be issued to that effect. “Third party certification programs require less
oversight and represent a “win-win” situation for government, industry and the
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