Aflatoxin rapid test gets GIPSA certification

01-08-2008 | |

Euro-Diagnostica announced that our Flow-Through Rapid Test (FTRTest) for Aflatoxin B1 has received an approval from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA). The verification showed that the performance of the FTRTest in terms of precision, accuracy and repeatability is high.

The FTRTest is a very simple membrane-based test that
detects Aflatoxin B1 at a 2 ppb cut-off limit in cereals, nuts, spices and their
derived products. It sets the standard in speed, simplicity and sensitivity for
mycotoxin detection.

In addition to the FTRTest Aflatoxins
Euro-Diagnostica has similar tests for other mycotoxins namely, Ochratoxin A
(for wine, coffee, spices and cereals) and Zearalenone (for cereals). All the
FTRTests are run in the same way hence simplifying the handling and the
integration of quality control procedures. The FTRTest for Aflatoxin B1 is also
accompanied by the FTRTest for Total Aflatoxins at a 4 ppb cut-off limit. The 2
ppb cut-off for AFB1 and the 4 ppb cut-off for Total Aflatoxins are maximum
limits stipulated by the European Union (EU).

The FTRTest offers food
exporters, and food processors a tool to quickly check the conformity of their
raw materials and products. The FTRTest is designed to reduce the cost of
testing in terms of time and direct cost of the test itself. No additional
equipment is required as everything needed for the test is included in the kit.
No laboratory environment, or trained personnel are required. Auto-Control by
the food processing industry is increasing and these tests are, therefore,
incorporated into the HACCP programmes.

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