All About Feed issue 1 now available online

17-02-2017 | |
All About Feed issue 1 online. Photo RBI
All About Feed issue 1 online. Photo RBI

The January/February issue of All About Feed is now available online. This first issue of 2017 we present the latest mycotoxin survey data, a glimpse at the upcoming VIV Asia and selenium sources for broilers and much more.

World mycotoxin data

Animal nutrition company Biomin is known for its annual comprehensive mycotoxin survey, which is already the largest and longest-running program on mycotoxin occurrence. Thousands of samples are tested throughout the year for presence of the most important mycotoxins. These large datasets give a reliable and sound overview of the mycotoxin prevalence for all regions around the world, which help animal nutritionists, farmers and commodity traders in making better strategic decisions to improve livestock performance and save money. Read all the latest insights on page 24 of this issue.

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VIV Asia is around the corner

Early 2017, it feels almost contradictory to talk about Thai agriculture and speak about ‘moving on’, after the loss of King Bhumibol last year. Yet Thailand has to, as feeding a country never stops. Bangkok will once more welcome the international feed-to-food business, as well as the pet nutrition and aquaculture industries, for the next edition of the biannual trade show VIV Asia in March 2017. Read the preview of this exiting event on page 6 of this issue.

Register for VIV Asia for free using this link.

Selenium for broilers

Through its implication in antioxidant processes, selenium is involved in various aspects of broiler breeder efficacy, from male fertility to hatchability, embryogenesis, and chick early performance. In the article on page 19 of this issue we explain that highly bioavailable organic selenium sources like OH-SeMet are more efficient at promoting those parameters through antioxidant enzyme activation but also other finely regulated mechanisms like selenoprotein signaling function or epigenetic mechanisms.

Also in this issue:

• Mobility dog foods are based on wobbly evidence

• Electrolyte balance: choosing the right tool for the job

• The positive effects of hybrid grinding

• What to feed the Black Soldier Fly larvae?

• Opportunities and limitations of insect meal

• Field peas as a protein source for dairy cows

• Improving pellet quality: the key factors

• UBM Feed aims to double feed production

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor