Alltech launches new Irish on-farm internship programme

07-05-2015 | |
Alltech launches new Irish on-farm internship programme

At the China Agricultural University (CAU) in Beijing this week, Alltech announced its new Irish On-Farm internship programme which will select six Chinese graduates to work in Alltech’s European Headquarters in Dunboyne, Ireland. The graduates will learn from top agricultural trainers on milking and stock management.

As well as undertaking on-farm training with Teagasc, the Irish agriculture and food development authority, the students will complete a project on Ireland’s dairy farming sector while gaining valuable experience, working and living on Irish farms over a two-month period.

Students will learn from expert agri trainers

The aim of the Irish internship programme is to provide the agricultural students with insights into one of the world’s most progressive dairy farming systems. Students will learn from expert agricultural trainers in Ireland on milking and stock management on some of Ireland’s showcase farms. Ireland is a leading European dairy producer, particularly in the area of infant formula, producing 17% of the global supply.

“Ireland and Alltech both have significant expertise and knowledge in dairy science and are natural partners for China,” commented Wang Tao, vice president of CAU, China’s leading agricultural university

“China is one of the top three most important markets for Alltech globally,” said Dr Mark Lyons, global vice president and head of Greater China at Alltech, speaking at the official signing ceremony in Beijing. “Alltech recently partnered with Nestlé in the creation of a world-class training centre, the Dairy Farming Institute in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang province. Our highly successful feed evaluation laboratory is featured in the Institute and is another way that we are helping to support the continued growth and transformation of the Chinese dairy industry, the world’s fastest growing dairy market.”

The Irish On-Farm Internship programme joins Alltech’s suite of education initiatives, including its successful Career Development Program, growing to now include five programmes of intensive on-the-job training for select recent graduates, and the Alltech Young Scientist, the largest global agri-science competition for university students, now in its tenth year.

Alltech is also proud to support the Elite Cattleman Project (ECP) in China, which was established more than five years ago with the help of CAU.

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