Alltech: poultry epigenetics seminar – Programming genes through Nutrition for performance

28-09-2011 | |

Alltech’s Poultry Epigenetics Seminar, “Programming Genes through Nutrition for Performance” will take place on the 10th of October 2011 in Alltech’s European Headquarters, Ireland.

Here, experts in the field will address the controversial question  of ‘Are You What Your Mother Ate?’ and also look at how cutting edge research can be used to feed poultry to their true genetic potential.

“In simple terms, epigenetic research pinpoints changes in gene activity that do not involve modifications to the genome, yet they still get passed down to at least one successive generation” said Prof. Peter Spring, Chairperson of the Poultry Epigenetics Seminar. “This expression is controlled by the epigenome – cellular material which tells genes to switch on or off via a series of epigenetic ‘marks’. Through these marks, environmental factors like diet, stress and prenatal nutrition imprint on genes and leave lasting effects that get transmitted to the next generation.”

“The aim of the Poultry Epigenetics Seminar is to examine new opportunities for the poultry industry” commented Alltech’s Vice President Europe, Marc Larousse. “Epigenetics is fast becoming a crucial component of any programme that aims to maximise performance and improve chick quality. With feed costs exceeding €300 per tonne, the implications of this new area of research have never been more relevant.”

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