Alltech’s 28th Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium

01-02-2012 | |

The 2012 Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium will focus on the SMART Revolution – springing from SMART ideas, SMART industry leaders, SMART use of resources, SMART business practices, and SMART nutritional solutions.

SMART is management jargon and an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound – five criteria that a business case should encompass to increase the chance of success.
Delegates will be challenged to think about sustainability in food production, market-oriented business strategies, agribusiness branding, and about research and technological solutions to the issues our industry faces.
Over 100 speakers, all leading experts in their respective fields, will converge at the Symposium. Topics include
  • Global grain grab in a growing industry: Smart alternatives to scarce ingredients
  • Fish meal replacement in a rapidly expanding industry – The algae revolution
  • Smart starts start where? Foetal programming for optimizing meat quality
  • North of 30,000 kg of milk per cow per year: Smart strategies for enhancing milk quality
  • The most influential name in food you’ve never heard of
  • Creating Raving Fans – Marketing excellence
  • Keeping your companion animals healthy: Genetic factors and nutritional solutions for maintaining a healthy body condition and preventing obesity
  • Getting closer to customers: Understanding generational differences for successful messaging and media
  • The YUM experience in China: Successfully transforming a global brand for local success
  • First mover advantage: Emerging consumer trends
  • What consumers want – flavour!
  • Evolution or revolution: Revisiting pig weaning age, NRC, productivity gains through genetic insights
  • More with less – Where profitability and sustainability converge: The power of Nutrigenomics