Animal feed thieves caught and booked

24-08-2012 | |
Animal feed thieves caught and booked

Three employees of a farmer-owned co-op in Tangipahoa Parish (Louisiana, USA) and four other people have been booked with organised retail theft of about $150,000 worth of feed, seed and other items from the Kentwood Co-Op.

The thieves took away a whole list of items including horse feed, cattle feed, dog food, shelled corn, alfalfa bales and cubes, chicken feed, protein tubs, bagged minerals, mineral blocks, salt blocks, dewormer blocks, iron clay pea seeds, sorghum seed, milk replacer, herbicides and a 16 foot galvanised gate, according to news released from the state Agriculture Commissioner and the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office. More arrests are possible, it said.

The stolen goods were sold for almost half the cost that they should have been purchased for.

The four people accused were booked only with organised retail theft, according to a news release. Two co-op employees were booked with simple burglary as well as organised retail theft, and one employee was also booked as a principal to simple burglary.

The men were arrested between August 13 and August 17 2012. Since all are accused of theft of more than $500 they may face a maximum sentence of 10 years of hard labour and a $10,000 fine.

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