Asia big market for Lallemand additives

16-04-2008 | |

Over the past few weeks, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has strengthened its visibility in Asia with its participation to Dairy Focus Asia 2008, Asia’s independent technical conference for progressive dairy farmers, nutritionists and veterinarians, that took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bruno Rochet, in charge of the Asian market for
Lallemand Animal Nutrition, who was invited to speak at Dairy Focus Asia 2008,
focused his intervention on the use of ruminant specific live yeast and selenium
enriched yeast to manage heat stress in dairy cows and limit its impact on dairy
production and cows health (control of sub-acute acidosis and reproductive
health), a very common issue in areas of hot and humid climates.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is present in Asia via its Chinese
representative office, in Beijing, as well as through a growing network of
well-established local distributors: Nuevotec in Thailand, Asia Stockwell
Products Inc. (ASPI) in Taiwan, Agritech in Malaysia, B.V. feed supplements
manufacturing co. ltd in India, and Nosan for probiotic yeast and Miwa for
Selenium enriched yeast in Japan.

The first version of www.lallemandanimalnutrition in Chinese language is
now on-line and will be updated regularly.

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