August issue of AllAboutFeed magazine now online

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August issue of AllAboutFeed magazine now online

The August issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. This issue covers an article on China’s engagement in Africa, the regulatory hurdles of using insects in compound feed, how to tackle energy guzzlers in the feed mill and the use of beta-glucans in race horses.

Africa and China go way back and China has invested heavily in Africa’s agriculture and livestock production. Agriculture is a true driver for economic growth, especially in the central part of the continent (Sub-Sahara). In this article, partly based on expert talks from the Africa session at the Alltech symposium, we explain more about the potential of Africa and why China is so engaged.

Insect meal in feed

In this issue we also take an in depth look at the current status of using insect meal in livestock feed. The rules and regulations still not allow its inclusion in compound feed, despite all the benefits insect meal can have. Several organizations, such as PROteINSECT and the International Producers of Insects for Food and Feed, are therefore actively lobbying to show the EU that insect meal can be used safely in animal feed. In this article, we explain what the current hurdles are and when we can expect to profit from these protein rich ‘mini-livestock’ .

Energy saving in feed mills

We also look at which energy guzzlers can be found in the feed mill. It is known that feed pelleting, heating, cooling and conveying are processing steps that take a lot of energy. How can feed millers save on energy costs? In this article, Verena Boschen from the IFF Forschungsinstitut Futtermitteltechnik in Germany shares a few tips and tricks. “It starts with identifying which processes consume the most energy”, according to Boschen.

The feed additive beta-glucan

In this August issue we also look at race horses and how we can make them perform better with using certain feed additives. Exercise and immune function have a link. So can dietary beta-glucans – an immune booster – therefore be beneficial for high performing race horses as well? Researchers have put this to the test in French trotter horses and explain their findings in this article.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor