Australian grass-fed beef makes comeback

21-12-2007 | |

Australian grass-fed beef will benefit from high global grain prices, according to Tasmanian meat exporter Greenhams.

Up to 80% of beef from the company’s Smithton plant on Tasmania’s north-west coast is exported to Japan, Korea and the US.

Peter Greenham says markets are starting to open up for grass-fed beef, as the cost of grain-fed meat is pushed higher. "I can see that the grass fed market, it’s a market which probably is going to come back into it’s own," he says.
"I feel that the grain costs are just that too much too high for Australia to complete with the US, and I can see grass-fed jap ox all being very good for the future. "I think Australia has to go back to its roots, and has to go back to what it’s good at, which is grass-fed".

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