Balchem launches new and improved AminoShure-L

18-07-2011 | |

Balchem Corporation has announced the release of new AminoShure-L for the animal nutrition industry. Now with 37% more bioavailable lysine, AminoShure-L provides a true cost effective alternative to blood meal and other lysine sources.

Balchem’s continued investment in new technology has created this break-though, allowing the economics of the new AminoShure-L to be approximately 65% lower per unit of available lysine as compared to the original AminoShure-L.
Balchem has a long history of developing innovative encapsulation processes and has now advanced the technology to the next level with AminoShure-L allowing Balchem to dramatically increase the lysine concentration in the finished product. As the first commercial product utilizing this new encapsulation innovation, AminoShure-L offers a more concentrated lysine source, lowering overall ration costs, reducing dietary metabolizable protein (MP) and creating more “room” in the diet for other ingredients.
“Our growing expertise in encapsulation has led to this significant advancement in our manufacturing process and the ability to substantially increase the lysine concentration in AminoShure-L,” stated Dr. Dana Putnam, Vice President and General Manager at Balchem Animal Nutrition and Health. “As a result, Balchem is able to manufacture AminoShure-L more cost effectively using the new technology. Now the recognized benefits of lysine in the areas of increased milk and milk protein production along with improved nitrogen efficiency, can be realized at a significantly lower cost to the dairy producer, affording a greater portion of the industry the opportunity to realize the overall benefits of amino acid ration balancing.”
Focused on maximizing nutrient delivery, the new AminoShure-L contains 52% lysine (65% Lysine-HCI) and the industry-leading rumen protection you expect from all Balchem products.

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